Public Inspection Files

In the interest of space and simplicity, this online public file is limited to the documentation that applies to the current license term for these stations and translators, along with their original licenses.

Below are links to the contents of the WKCP, WPBI, and WNPS public files. Note that most of these files are in PDF format and must be opened with Adobe® Reader® or a similar PDF viewer. If you do not have Reader installed on your computer, you can download it free from the Adobe website.

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American Public Media Group is the licensee of WKCP. It is operated by Classical South Florida pursuant to a Public Service Operating Agreement. Classical South Florida is the licensee of 90.7 WPBI West Palm Beach, FL and 88.7 WNPS Fort Myers, FL.


WNPS 88.7 Fort Myers
WKCP 89.7 Miami
WPBI 90.7 West Palm Beach


W270AD 101.9 West Palm Beach (WKCP translator)
W214BD 90.7 Vero Beach (WPBI translator)