How Do I Sponsor a Program on Classical South Florida?
Classical South Florida will rely on local support in South Florida through listener support, other gifts and underwriting to pay for the costs associated with the operation of the station. Sponsoring programming on public radio is good business. Sponsors reach a highly educated, curious, well-traveled and culturally discriminating audience.

  • Being a public radio sponsor will give your business credibility. 80% of public radio listeners have a more favorable opinion of organizations that sponsor public radio. (source: Jacobs Media Research 2007)
  • Public radio listeners are 75% more likely to purchase products and services from companies that support public radio than from companies that advertise on commercial radio. (source: Jacobs Media Research 2007)

Contact Us

To learn how you can sponsor Classical South Florida's programming, fill out our contact form or calling 954-522-8755.

Sponsorship Policy

Classical South Florida accepts sponsorship at their sole discretion, and reserve the right to refuse underwriting from any company for any reason. Classical South Florida accepts sponsorship as an endorsement of the value of public radio and the special value of Classical South Florida programming. Any implied endorsement flows from the underwriter to Classical South Florida, not Classical South Florida to the underwriter.