Heavy Rain on Top Score

by Emily Reese
July 14, 2011

Listen Top Score: Normand Corbeil
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The set-up for the emotional, and complex plot of the game "Heavy Rain" (Quantic Dream)
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The game "Heavy Rain" from Quantic Dream is -- well, it's incredible. It feels strange to call it a "game," and more appropriate to call it an experience -- as if the player is directing an emotionally wrenching and psychologically taxing movie. I've never played anything like it, other than Quantic Dream's 2005 release known as "Indigo Prophecy" in the U.S.

French-Canadian composer Normand Corbeil scored both games (although Angelo Badalamenti wrote the main theme for "Indigo Prophecy"), and is the guest on Top Score from Classical MPR.

Corbeil speaks about working with David Cage, the lead designer of "Heavy Rain" at Quantic Dream. Corbeil wrote somewhere in the ballpark of 300 different musical cues for the game. "Heavy Rain" has multiple chapters and multiple endings, all dependent on what you as a player choose to do. And many of the choices are quite difficult.

So why would I want to play a game that I describe as emotionally wrenching and psychologically taxing? Because I'm an adult, and as many games as I play, I'm always searching for something different, a game where I don't carry a gun around all the time and shoot bad guys.

When "Indigo Prophecy" came out six years ago, Cage refused to label the game as a third-person adventure, or any other genre in the gaming industry; he insisted on calling it an interactive film.

Fitting then for Quantic to call on Normand Corbeil for the score, since Corbeil is primarily a film composer, with more than 50 movies credited directly to his name.

You can hear Corbeil talk about "Heavy Rain," Bach and Beethoven on the new episode of Top Score from Classical MPR.

Oh, and if you haven't played the game but plan to, don't read anything about it... spoilers abound!


  • INTRO: Heavy Rain - Ethan Mars's Main Theme
  • Heavy Rain - "Redemption"
  • Heavy Rain - Lauren Winter's Main Theme
  • Heavy Rain - Lauren Winter's Main Theme
  • Heavy Rain - Madison Paige's Main Theme
  • Heavy Rain - "Last Breath"
  • Heavy Rain - "The Chase (Madison's Action Soundtrack)"
  • Heavy Rain - Scott Shelby's Main Theme
  • Heavy Rain - "Before the Storm"
  • Heavy Rain - "The Hold Up (Shelby's Action Soundtrack)"
  • Heavy Rain - "Before the Storm"
  • Heavy Rain - "Painful Memories"
  • Heavy Rain - Madison Paige's Main Theme
  • Heavy Rain - "Countdown (Mars's Action Soundtrack)"
  • Johann Sebastian Bach - Invention No. 10 (perf by Glenn Gould)
  • Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - Requiem: "Lacrimosa"
  • Ludwig van Beethoven - Symphony No. 9: Movement 1
  • Maurice Ravel - Mother Goose Suite: "Enchanted Garden"
  • CREDITS: Heavy Rain - "The Bulldozer (Jayden's Action Soundtrack)"