Regional Spotlight: Arado And Lovelace

by Steve Staruch
August 4, 2011

Listen Regional Spotlight: Arado and Lovelace
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Stephanie Arado (Photo: Ann Marsden)

Robert Schumann instructs the performers of his Violin Sonata to play "Mit Leidenshatlichem Ausdruck," with passionate feeling. That's exactly how violinist Stephanie Arado and pianist Timothy Lovelace perform the piece from last year's Alexandria Festival of the Lakes or AlexFest.

One of Schumann's most popular chamber music works, the piece sizzles with violinistic fire.

This year's AlexFest also promises to highlight top local musicians. You can see the line-up at the Events Calendar at

Arado, Lovelace and Schumann are in this week's Regional Spotlight.

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