Top Score: Season 2 Challenge

by Emily Reese
August 19, 2011

Listen Top Score Season 2 Challenge
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Top Score (MPR Graphic / Zach Keenan / Aimee Gauthier)


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The second season of Top Score is going to be great, and it's too great to just tell you who will be on the show.

Instead, Top Score, in true game fashion, has a challenge for you!

Listen to the audio, and see if you can determine who the composers are of the seven musical examples.


Okay, okay. I know I made it particularly difficult in some instances, but I did call it a "challenge..." So many of you are so very close, and here are some hints to help! Here are the platforms on which the games are available, in order:

1) Xbox 360

2) Xbox 360, PlayStation 3; Windows, Mac OS X

3) Xbox 360; PlayStation 3; Windows

4) PlayStation 3

5) Television show (don't worry, the guy wrote for a couple games too!)

6) PlayStation Network

7) PlayStation 3

Hope that helps! I know Sam said he knew three of them, but I'm pretty sure he was lying, so please don't worry if you're stumped on some of them. Just remember, your entry qualifies you for a chance to win, so keep trying and send in your answers before Friday, August 26 at 12:00pm CDT.

We'll pick a winner at random from eligible entries Friday, August 26th at 12:00 pm CDT. See the official rules for more information, and Good luck!



  • Halo 3 - Luck (Martin O'Donnell)
  • Assassin's Creed - Echoes of the Roman Ruins (Jesper Kyd)
  • Oblivion - Main Title (Jeremy Soule)
  • Uncharted: Drake's Fortune - Main Title (Greg Edmonson)
  • Battlestar Galactica - Theme (Bear McCreary)
  • Flow - Title (Austin Wintory)
  • Resistance 2 - Main Theme (Boris Salchow)