Brian Tyler Talks Modern Warfare 3 on Top Score

by Emily Reese
November 3, 2011

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The new episode of Top Score from Classical MPR features Brian Tyler, composer for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3.

One of the most anticipated games of the year, the eighth installment of the Call of Duty franchise hits stores on Tuesday, November 8.

Brian's bread and butter has been film; he's scored more than 60 films to date.

He has an unusual background, with degrees in philosophy, public policy and history from UCLA and Harvard University.

But he never lost his hunger or passion for music, collecting and learning dozens of instruments and writing across many genres.

You can hear Brian talk about his score for MW3 on the new episode of Top Score from Classical MPR.


  • INTRO: CoD: MW3 - Modern Warfare 3
  • CoD: MW3 - Battle for New York
  • CoD: MW3 - Paris Siege
  • CoD: MW3 - Russian Warfare
  • CoD: MW3 - Heroes
  • CoD: MW3 - Scouting the Enemy
  • CoD: MW3 - Modern Warfare 3
  • CoD: MW3 - Prague Hostilities
  • CoD: MW3 - Hamburg Invasion
  • CoD: MW3 - MW3 End Credits
  • CREDITS: CoD: MW3 - Arabian End Game