Flicks in Five - Lady and the Tramp

by Lynne Warfel
September 1, 2012

Listen Flicks in Five - Lady and the Tramp
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Lady and the Tramp (Courtesy of Disney)

In 1937, a talented writer-artist came to Walt Disney to pitch an idea for a story based on life with his English Springer Spaniel, Lady, and how she was ignored after his first child was born. It took from then until 1955 for "Lady and the Tramp" to get to the big screen. Walt thought the scene with two dogs eating spaghetti should be cut, but "Bella Notte" stayed in and is the most famous scene for a movie that ranks as both on of the top 25 animated films of the 20th century, AND as one of the best romantic films of all time. Peggy Lee, who provided music and the voices of Peg, Darling and the cats, Si and Am, performs "He's a Tramp" and we also hear "Bella Notte".