Kevin Riepl and Aliens: Colonial Marines on Top Score

by Emily Reese
April 12, 2013

Listen Kevin Riepl and Aliens: Colonial Marines on Top Score

Composer Kevin Riepl's score for Aliens: Colonial Marines fits perfectly into the canon of great soundtracks in the Alien franchise.

And this is one of those times I feel fortunate that my focus is on the music, as the game itself wasn't warmly embraced.

But where the game fell short of expectations, Kevin's music captures the sound, and silence, of the Alien series.

That silence is a hallmark of the first film in particular, in which Jerry Goldsmith's music frequently simply whispers in your ear.

Goldsmith's influence (and Horner's as well) is occasionally in the foreground, but Kevin's own voice is clear.

Sadly, Sega doesn't plan to release the soundtrack to Aliens: Colonial Marines, making Kevin's music a casualty of the project. Kevin has five tracks on his website (listen to "Sulaco Explore" in particular), and hopes to post additional music in the future.

Catch my conversation with Kevin on the new episode of Top Score. We'll discuss his other projects, including Gears of War and Resistance: Burning Skies. You can also listen to Top Score on iTunes.