Moveable Feast: Verdi e Vino

by John Birge
October 11, 2013

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Terzo in Minneapolis. (MPR photo/Luke Taylor)


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For our new weekly feature, "Moveable Feast," Rachel Hutton of Minnesota Monthly joins John Birge to talk about where to go and what to eat in destinations Classical MPR listeners may be interested in visiting.

As the celebration of Giuseppe Verdi's 200th birthday continues, John and Rachel talk about a new Italian wine bar in Minneapolis.

The Broder family have established a little corner of Italy at 50th Street and Penn Avenue South. Tom and Molly Broder opened Broder's Cucina Italiana in the '80s, and followed that with Broder's Pasta Bar in the '90s. Now, Molly and Tom's three sons have opened the fittingly named Terzo (the name means "third" in Italian) right on the same corner.

Located in the former Pierre's Bistro space, Terzo is freshly remodeled and airy, with exposed brick and tin ceilings, making the space feel like a casual wine bar.

The eldest and youngest Broder sons attended culinary school in Italy, so they bring a modern but authentic approach to Terzo's Italian cuisine, which features wine-friendly small plates and desserts.

The middle Broder son is "a wine geek," as Rachel describes him. He's curated an all-Italian wine list and installed an oxygen-displacing wine system that makes it easy and palatable to sample wines by the glass or even by the half-glass.

With roughly 50 Italian wines to choose from, Terzo seems a place one might raise a glass to toast Verdi's birthday. Tanti auguri!

Rachel Hutton covers food and travel at Minnesota Monthly.