Composer Mike Raznick and 'Spate' on Top Score

by Emily Reese
May 1, 2014

Listen Top Score: Mike Raznick, 'Spate'
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Composer Mike Raznick (submitted photo)

Composer Mike Raznick has worked on hundreds of games. Despite his ubiquity, he's rarely given an opportunity to write a soundtrack in his own voice, until Spate.

Using a delicious balance of string quartet, bassoon, oboe, cello and voice, Raznick's score is intimately dark and wholly expressive.

Players take control of Detective Bluth, a man who's quite alone in the world. His wife left him after their daughter disappeared and Bluth got hooked on drinking absinthe.

In fact, drinking absinthe in the game allows Bluth to jump higher and run faster, but there are consequences and undesirable hallucinations.

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