Top Score: Composing Music for Trailers

May 29, 2014

Listen Top Score: Writing Trailer Music with Yoav Goren
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Composer Yoav Goren on the conductor's podium at Abbey Road Studios, London. (courtesy the artist)

I recall the time I recognized music in a movie trailer (or "preview", as many people call them). The music was from a film I'd already seen.

Composer Yoav Goren explains how that used to be the norm in Hollywood. During the production of a film, the music is one of the final additions to the movie. Movie trailers, however, come out several months before a film — often several months before a composer even starts writing the music for it.

As a result, trailers often have original music, written by someone other than the film's eventual composer.

Yoav Goren and his company, Immediate Music, have contributed music to more than 5,000 films, television promos and video game trailers.

As a fan-base built around trailer music, Goren created a record label so he could release his music to the public. Otherwise, the only way listeners could hear the trailer music was in the actual trailer.

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