Jason Graves and Murdered: Soul Suspect on Top Score

by Emily Reese
June 12, 2014

Listen Top Score: J Graves game Murdered
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Composer Jason Graves (provided photo)

In Murdered: Soul Suspect, your character is a ghost. He's been murdered, and haunts a town trying to discover who killed him.

Jason Graves used a string quartet and a lot of percussion to create an eerie, sonic world for the game.

My favorite part? Graves played most of the string parts himself. He hired players from the North Carolina Symphony for the melodic, beautiful writing. However, for the bulk of the textural writing, he played violin, viola, cello and bass himself.

The score is percussive at times, but Graves includes many hauntingly beautiful moments that give the full score a rounded, complete feel.

Graves says the developers started the game over from scratch a few times, giving him the opportunity to find just the right sound for Murdered.

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