Play it Forward

Classical South Florida's Musical Instrument Drive

General Public FAQ

Join us this fall by participating in Play It Forward: Classical South Florida's Musical Instrument Drive™. Your donation will directly benefit a Palm Beach, Broward or Miami-Dade school music program when you give your used (or new!) instrument through CSF's first annual instrument drive campaign.

Most schools throughout South Florida have a great need for more instruments so that motivated and talented students have opportunities to participate in band or orchestra. In today's economy, schools lack the funds to buy new instruments and many families cannot afford to rent instruments for their children.

Where can I donate my instrument?

To donate, visit There, you can see a list of drop-off options.

What kinds of instruments are accepted?

Band and orchestral instruments, gently used or new, that are still usable.

Music stands and music stand lights in working condition.

Orchestra chairs, cello chairs.

Music equipment in good condition, such as: bows, strings, rosin etc.

Can I still donate my instrument if it's in need of repair?

If your instrument is in need of minor repair, please bring it in. It's likely they can repair the instrument.

Will I get a tax deduction for my donation?

When you drop an instrument off you will receive a receipt. It is your responsibility to determine the value of the instrument. Donations of an instrument with a value up to $5,000 will not need an appraisal. If an instrument is valued at more than $5,000 you should secure an appraisal from a qualified music store.

What if my instrument is worth more than $5,000?

When receiving in-kind donations like musical instruments, the recipient responsible for providing a receipt that describes the donation (for example: 1 baritone saxophone and case), the date the instrument was received, and the program that is receiving the donation.

If the fair-market value of the instrument is more than $5,000 and you would like to deduct the donation on income taxes, it is the responsibility of the donor to get an appraisal and to complete certain tax forms (F8283). Individuals should consult their tax advisor with any questions about deductibility.

How will my instrument be used?

When you donate an instrument, it will be distributed to a participating school. School-owned instruments are loaned free of charge to students with financial need for use in band or orchestra. Often, students receiving instruments from their school cannot otherwise participate in their school's music program.

Final notes

Thank you for your interest in Play It Forward: Classical South Florida's Musical Instrument Drive™.