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Elena See Get ready to meet some of the world’s most talented young musicians – musicians who just happen to be living and working in our own backyard as Fellows with the New World Symphony. In preparation for careers as full-time, professional musicians, the NWS Fellows spend their time practicing, studying, performing and sharing their love of music within our community. The New World Symphony facilitates the efforts of the musicians by inviting the world’s best soloists, coaches and conductors to work with the organization. Join Elena See every Wednesday at 8am and 5pm and every Saturday at 9am as she introduces you to these talented musicians on Classical South Florida. You can find more information about the NWS at

The NWS is currently on hiatus for the summer. New episodes of “Backstage” will return in September, 2016.

Lisa Kim

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

This week, we meet second year violin fellow Lisa Kim, who shares her "defining musical moment" (a performance of de Sarasate's Carmen Fantasy). Lisa also talks about why she made the decision to move to South Florida. And she explains how the very enthusiastic audiences in South Florida and how those audiences will help the future of classical music.

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