WPBI News Listening FAQ

Why does Classical South Florida broadcast news on 101.9 FM and classical music on 90.7 FM in the Palm Beaches area?

Classical South Florida wants to make more and more consistent programming choices available to listeners. Providing one radio service dedicated solely to news and one dedicated solely to classical music is the best way to make this possible.

How can I listen to WPBI News?

News listeners in the Palm Beaches have these options for listening to 24/7 public radio news programming from Classical South Florida:

  1. Tune your radio to 101.9 FM
  2. Tune your HD radio to 90.7 FM HD2
  3. Listen to the WPBI News stream on your computer or internet capable radio at WPBInews.org
  4. Listen to the WPBI News stream on your smart phone using the TuneIn Radio Application for iPhone, Blackberry or Android phones.

I'm having trouble hearing WPBI News on 101.9 FM.
What should I do?

Although the 101.9 FM signal provides a good signal to Palm Beach and West Palm Beach and environs, it doesn't reach as far as the 90.7 FM signal, so you might be trying to listen from outside, or on the fringe of the listening area. (See our coverage map PDF.) You may also be encountering signal interference from power lines or concrete buildings. In these cases, relocating or adjusting your radio antenna can help.

If , after these efforts, you can't get WPBI News on 101.9 FM, you may wish to try an HD radio or access the internet stream at WPBInews.org or on your smartphone. (See next questions).

What is HD radio, and how do I use it?

HD radio is a digital technology that allows a single radio frequency to bring you more than one station at a time. While a standard radio will give you the primary station, you'll need an HD radio to access additional stations on the frequency. For example, if you tune to 90.7 FM on a standard radio in the Palm Beaches area, you will hear Classical South Florida's classical music service. But on an HD radio with multicasting, you'll also be able to tune your radio to the HD2 service on the same frequency and hear WPBI News.

As more stations adopt HD radio, more listening options are becoming available. And more HD radio devices are available in the marketplace. Visit our About HD Radio page to learn more about HD Radio devices and purchasing options.

What is an internet stream and how do I receive it?

WPBI News is available on your computer as an audio stream from the internet at www.wpbinews.org. Your computer must be connected to the internet and audio-enabled. Just click on the "listen now" button at the upper right of the page. There are also several standalone devices that can receive audio streams from the internet. They are commonly called internet radios, and can be used like tabletop or portable radios. They must be in a wi-fi environment to work. They include Livio, Grace, Logitech and Sanyo and are available in electronics stores and at www.PublicRadioMarket.org.

Can I get WPBI News on my smartphone?

Yes, WPBI News is available on your smartphone - iPhone, Blackberry, or Android. We recommend the TuneIn Radio application. Go to the "App Store" on your smartphone and search for this app. It is free.