Contributor List Policy

Individuals provide Classical South Florida with its most important source of support. Classical South Florida's relationship with its contributors is the highest expression of our mutual commitment to the mission.

To the extent that Classical South Florida is effective in raising funds by mail, it is able to limit the amount of time spent doing on-air fund-raising.

Providing Names of Classical South Florida Contributors to Other Organizations:
To assist in its mail-based fund-raising efforts, Classical South Florida regularly exchanges names and addresses of its contributors and former contributors with other organizations, principally in order to obtain names and addresses of other likely donors from these organizations. These organizations may solicit or otherwise contact Classical South Florida's contributors by mail.

List exchanges are made under strict rules that provide for one-time use, consist of name and address only, do not allow for further retention of the name, and allow for continued use only when the contributor responds to the contact. No other information is made available to third parties.

Classical South Florida does not rent or sell its contributor list for cash to any organization. Classical South Florida does not share the telephone numbers or email addresses of its contributors or former contributors with other organizations. Classical South Florida uses the telephone numbers and email addresses of its contributors and former contributors only to communicate directly with them.

Classical South Florida will not exchange its contributor list with any political party or candidate for political office.

Classical South Florida contributors have the right not to have their names exchanged. Contributors who do not want their names exchanged may call Classical South Florida's Member Benefits Team at 1-866-592-4160 and request "no exchange," or may indicate this preference when making contributions by mail, phone or Internet.

Using Names from Other Organizations:
Periodically, in order to build support, Classical South Florida rents or purchases lists from other organizations to reach prospective contributors.

Classical South Florida will not rent or purchase lists from political parties or candidates for political office.

Classical South Florida will not rent lists from organizations where such an association may harm the goodwill and trust between Classical South Florida and its contributors.

Complying with Accepted Standards:
In list exchanges, as in other fund-raising practices, Classical South Florida complies with the laws and regulations of the Internal Revenue Service, the Communications Act, the policies of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, the laws of the State of Florida, and the regulations of the United States Postal Service. Classical South Florida adheres to the ethical guidelines of the Direct Marketing Association, including their Privacy Promise to consumers, their Guides for Ethical Business Practice, and their Guidelines for List Practices.

(This statement was last reviewed December 5, 2014.)