Frequently Asked Questions About Membership

Why is it important to make a financial contribution to Classical South Florida?
When you make a contribution to support Classical South Florida, you're building the foundation for a secure future for classical music on the radio in the area. Your tax-deductible contribution also helps pay for award-winning programs like Performance Today®, SymphonyCastTM, Saint Paul Sunday® and Pipedreams®.

Is my contribution to support Classical South Florida tax-deductible?
All gifts supporting Classical South Florida are tax-deductible to the fullest extent of the law. After we process your contribution, we'll send you a receipt that will show this tax-deductible amount for your records.

What are the advantages to donating shares of stock to Classical South Florida?
Giving stock held more than 12 months offers a two-fold tax savings. First, you avoid paying capital-gains tax on the increase in value of your stock. In addition, you receive a tax deduction for the full fair market value of the stock on the date of the gift. Subtracting the tax savings from what you originally paid for the stock can result in a gift that costs just pennies on the dollar. This is an excellent vehicle for stock that has appreciated substantially in value. A gift of stock also brings with it Classical South Florida membership, with benefit levels corresponding to the amount of the gift.

Stockbrokers require delivery instructions in writing. To make a gift to CSF, you will need to give the following information to your broker:

Firm: UBS Financial Services Inc.
Contact: Mary Guillaume 952-475-9469
DTC#: 0221
For the benefit of Classical South Florida
Account: RPX8140

Do be certain to contact us with the information regarding the stock transfer (type of stock and number of shares).

If you are transferring a mutual fund asset, please contact Classical South Florida BEFORE initiating that transaction. Mutual funds require special handling.

It is important to notify Classical South Florida when you have completed your request to your broker. To ensure the timely completion of your transaction, or if you have any questions, please contact: Rob Davis (x18) toll-free at 855-444-5355.

Can my employer match my contribution?
Yes, some businesses and companies will match their employees' contributions to Classical South Florida. It's a great way to make your financial gift two or three times more impactful. Simply obtain a matching gift form from your employer's Human Resources office and send it to us. We'll make sure your contribution is matched.

Will Classical South Florida share my name and address with other organizations?
To assist in its mail-based fund-raising efforts, we exchange names and addresses of contributors and former contributors with other organizations, in order to obtain names and addresses of other likely donors from these organizations.

List exchanges are made under strict rules that provide for one-time use, consist of name and address only, do not allow for further retention of the name, and allow for continued use only when the contributor responds to the contact. No other information is made available to third parties.

Classical South Florida does not rent or sell its contributor list for cash to any organization.

You can view our privacy policy here.

What are my options for making contributions?
Contributions of all amounts are appreciated. The best way to contribute is online using your credit card and becoming a Sustaining Member.

Why is it important to become a Sustaining Member?
Becoming a Sustaining Member makes your membership more convenient, more powerful, and more enduring. It's easy. Just contribute $5 a month or more through ongoing, automatic deductions from a checking account or credit card of your choice. This will allow you to continuously support the music without the hassle of renewal reminders from us. Plus, you'll save thousands of dollars in paper and postage—dollars that can be used for classical music instead.

You may change or cancel your ongoing contribution anytime by calling us at 888.448.3897 or contacting us online.

I don't see an option to be billed in monthly installments. Why not?
Sending out monthly bills is expensive because of the paper, postage and office administration. We want as much of your contribution as possible to go directly to programming. Many members set up recurring payments through their credit cards and checking accounts. That's the best way to put more of your contribution into the programming.

What's the difference between American Public Media Group and American Public Media?
American Public Media Group (APMG) is the non-profit parent support organization for a number of public radio entities, including Minnesota Public Radio, Southern California Public Radio, and Classical South Florida. APMG provides core administrative services to support these organizations. It also owns several for-profit ventures designed to provide additional financial support to its non-profit entities.

APMG also owns American Public Media (APM), the nation's largest producer of classical music programming. APM is the producer of Performance Today®, SymphonyCastTM, Pipedreams®, From the Top®, Composers Datebook®, BBC Proms, and World Choral Spectacular, and many other programs. A complete list of stations, programs and additional services for the American Public Media national network can be found at APMG is sometimes also referred to as American Public Media.