Contribution Site Security

Browsers that support the secure method include, but are not limited to: Microsoft Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator, Version 2 and higher. If your browser does not support secure transactions, contact us and we'll send a form back to you with full instructions.

Do not be alarmed if your browser presents you with a number of dialog boxes warning you or asking for confirmation regarding the secure connection. Read the messages carefully and make the appropriate selections.

If, rather than displaying a message box, your browser displays an error message in the browser window, it probably means your browser does not support the secure protocol.

Once you initiate the secure connection, all transfers of data between your browser and our secure server are encrypted. In the unlikely event that data you send to our server were to be intercepted, it would be practically impossible to decrypt and use.

Furthermore, the data passed between your browser and our server is validated on either end, making certain the data has not been altered at any point during the transfer.

Unencrypted name, address, and other data (but not credit-card information) is held briefly on our computer while your contribution is being transmitted and computer processed. We do this to help us recover an unsuccessful contribution in the event of a computer error. Once the contribution has been successfully transmitted to our Member Benefits Team - a matter of seconds - this data is erased. Your payment information is never stored unencrypted, and is not part of this data. Your information remains encrypted for internal transmission from the secure server to our Member Benefits Team where it is decoded and entered into our member database. Encrypted information remains on our server for data backup until it is no longer needed.

Important Message for Users of Older Web browers: Although our secure server is covered by a valid, current security certificate from Verisign, you may get a warning dialogue box that implies the opposite when you begin a transaction on our secure server. If you click OK or Continue in the dialogue box, the warning will go away and your transaction will proceed normally. If you see the closed lock or unbroken key on the Web page, your transaction should be safe. Still, there may be some browser versions which will not support encryption.

We encourage you to update your browser: Older browsers including Netscape Communicator versions older than 4.06 and Internet Explorer versions older than 4.0 were preset to refuse certificate-authority certificates ("root certificates") with expiration dates later than Dec. 31, 1999. For more information and access to free updated browser software, please visit Netscape's Security Center and Microsoft's Internet Explorer site.

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